[Osmf-talk] Moderator statement: please read before posting

Robert Kaiser kairo at kairo.at
Thu Oct 30 13:38:49 UTC 2014

Michael Collinson schrieb:
> Hold off from posting if you can; posting volume down please.

OK, if people don't voice what they want to voice here, then where 
should they instead? Public blog posts? Or is there another list where 
they can discuss without fearing to be moderated away and go unheard?

> Otherwise,
> please limit what you want to say to summaries that are postive and
> forward, not backward, looking. Whether you are a principal player or
> not, please completely refrain from attacking or making negative remarks
> about others.

I'm all in with forward-looking, though sometimes you need to clear up 
what the past means to you to be able to look forward in a consistent 
way. And I'm also all in with the fact that everybody should try to be 
constructive and should not run personal attacks. That said, I prefer 
people to actually speak up if they feel something negative instead of 
silently ducking out and in the end leaving the organization or even 
project. And I prefer clear words instead of subtle hints.
That said, I believe we all want the best for OSM and hopefully OSMF 
(why would we pay a membership otherwise?) and we should always 
acknowledge that everyone else is as well.
For people on the board (probably even anyone who ever spent time there) 
I'd even think everything I said counts double: they represent all of us 
so they should be civil and constructive, but clear in what they say - 
and given how much time they spend or spent extra, they surely feel 
deeply about the project and want it and the Foundation to succeed.

So, let's cut everyone here some slack and see what their positive and 
constructive interest in the project, but let's please don't get into 
censoring the list or the risk is high that people will vent in public 
blog posts and similar venues, which is way more damaging to the project 
than some bickering in here.

Could that work?


P.S.: I'm only a simple member here, no official function or anything. 
That said, I have decided to hold off on my membership payment until the 
thick air in here has cleared up and a positive way forward is clear. 
I'm sure it will happen and then I'm all in for supporting that vision 
with my membership payment.

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