[Osmf-talk] Handling OSMF finances going forward

Oliver Kühn oliver at osmfoundation.org
Thu Oct 30 18:25:36 UTC 2014

Dear Kevin,

we are making use of a paid, certified accountant. The dependency on the 
Treasurer is reduced to minimum and a replacement is possible with a 
very short hand-over period. All statements that are provided to the 
Company House go through our certified accountant.


Am 30.10.2014 um 18:41 schrieb Kevin.Arruda at elektrobit.com:
> A thought on this -
> Has anyone looked into the cost/benefit of retaining an Accounting Firm or Financial Management Service?  I don't believe even redundant Treasurers is enough to address the laundry list of concerns and potential issues raised in the thread.   Also, there seems to be a general theme that ultimately relates to trust and reliability of person(s), to which there are few straightforward solutions if you even briefly consider human nature.
> That said, the main benefits I see from this course of action:
> (1) Significant decrease in the liability assumed by the Treasurer(s)
> (2) Significant confidence increase in the accuracy of any financial data.
> (3) Built-in transparency (Accounting Firms are generally quite adept at providing this data :)
> (4) Provide scalability for OSMF's financial management.
> The main drawback:
> (1) It of course costs money.  This cost should be reasonably proportional to the complexity and magnitude of the financials.
> Even if it is decided this is currently a premature or unwanted transition, it is likely an inevitable one.  Getting the due-diligence out of the way shouldn't hurt.
> BR,
> Kevin

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