[Osmf-talk] Board requests mapper feedback: Draft Core Values

Dermot McNally dermot at osmfoundation.org
Thu Apr 9 20:00:24 UTC 2015

Dear mapper friends,

At this year's OSMF Board Face-to-Face meeting (F2F), one of our exercises
was to propose a set of "Core Values" that fit OSM and the principles under
which it operates. Having a written down set of core values is useful for
any group of people who interact with each other. Since diverse groups will
always find areas of disagreement, a good, compact and agreed set of core
values can act as an objective starting point from which to resolve such
disagreements in a transparent and respectful way.

The draft set of core values that we as the board are sharing now
represents our attempt to describe those values we believe to be widely
shared by sincere members of the mapping community. We want to share our
work with your so we can have the benefit of your comments. We would like
the end result to be a set of core values that the entire community is
proud to adopt. So please help us identify important pieces that we have
missed, unwarranted assumptions we have made or areas where we just haven't
been clear enough.

(The content below is pasted from our working document, so please excuse
any restatement of the above in the introduction...):

Thanks for your comments,
OSMF Board

OSM Core Values

Explanatory note: This is a discussion document arising out of the OSMF
Board 2015 Face-to-Face meeting. Board members have attempted to describe,
from our respective points of view, a set of core values that we think
might enjoy broad agreement from mappers. We do not intend to hastily imply
any mapper consensus around these values nor do we intend to impose them
onto the community. But we hope that you will give us feedback with the
goal of arriving at a set of values that all mappers will be happy to get

Best Map: We want to make the best map data set of the world.

Free to all: OSM Data is available under a Free and Open licence to

Importance of Community: OSM is powered by its Community. Engage positively
with the Community, be a good and respectful neighbour and assume good

Anybody can edit: OSM works because of the power of the crowd and our goal
is to enable everybody in the world to contribute. Everybody is free to
edit the map and applications are encouraged to help their users improve
the map.

Widely used: We want OSM data to be used as widely as possible.

Ground Truth: OSM favours objective “Ground Truth” over all other sources.

Extensibility: OSM wants you to map the things you care about and will
ensure that you have the freedom to do so. This safeguards the
accessibility of our map to diverse users with differing needs.
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