[Osmf-talk] Instructions Regarding Ballots

Kate Chapman kate at maploser.com
Wed Nov 25 16:41:10 UTC 2015

Dear OSMF Members,

(please feel free to translate this email and distribute it)

As with the previous election you will be receiving a ballot by email for
voting. By using this method of voting it is no longer required to use a
proxy vote. All voting should occur through this ballot so it is very
important you inform us if you do not receive one. This ballot will be open
until the start of the Annual General Meeting (AGM). If your membership is
in arrears you have up until the start of the AGM to rectify that to be
able to vote. Prior to the ballot delivery all members will receive an
email to their email address associated with the OSMF stating their
eligibility to vote. You have until the Annual General Meeting to pay your
dues to bring your account into good standing to be eligible to vote if
that is not already the case.

Below are the important dates to be aware:

prior to 28th November: Members will receive email regarding their
membership status (voting eligibility)
28th November 2015: Ballots distributed by email
28th November 2015 - 5th December 2015: Voting Occurs
5th December 2015 1600 UTC: Annual General Meeting

Thank you,


Kate Chapman
OpenStreetMap Foundation Chairperson
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