[Osmf-talk] Intent to stand for the coming election

Ilya Zverev ilya at zverev.info
Tue Oct 13 06:18:01 UTC 2015


After Paul, I also announce the intent - to stand for election to the 
OSMF Board. No wall-of-text manifesto for now, though I have 
long-standing wishes that would become plans:

* Make being an OSMF member fun and rewarding.
* Push crazy (and reasonable, of course) ideas to the Board.
* Have another shot at the Board's openness (I admire Paul's work on it, 
but it is clearly not enough).

Nothing mapping- or software-related, sorry. We know how all such 
promises turned out.

I hope that with the renewed Board we could make OSM more lively (also 
outside tagging@), and advance it not only in terms of hardware and node 


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