[Osmf-talk] Anonymous Membership for OSMF

Christoph (TheFive@OSM) thefive.osm at gmail.com
Thu Feb 18 21:24:50 UTC 2016

Hi Board,

before 2 years i become a member of the OSMF Foundation. The associated member ship allowed me, not to publish my personal „identity“ as with the start of my OSM Work i decided to keep my real name as much as possible hidden.

As we are all mappers, this is a comprehensible approach, mappers are publishing a lot personal data. 

I have asked the Foundation, wether it is possible to become an anonymous (only with my OSM Username) registrated member. This was no problem,
I was told, that the payment details are only for payment and not stored in the membership database.

Time goes by, i prolonged my membership and the OSMF got a new membership system.

As i tried to prolong my membership i was really scared, because the prolongation suggests my real name. 

So - against that was told me at the start - my name was used for the database.

I have ask the membership responsible to delete my data, as the trust i have brought against the OSMF, that they won’t use my real name was broken.

The only answer i got was, that the new system makes real names necessary.


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