[Osmf-talk] Promotion of personal projects on OpenStreetMap twitter a/c

Andy Allan gravitystorm at gmail.com
Tue Jan 5 09:39:12 UTC 2016

I think there's a few things to clear up here before we go too far:

* The "openstreetmap" twitter account is run by the OSMF CWG on behalf
of the *project*, not the OSMF Board
* There has always been (and always should be) a large amount of posts
on that account that are not OSMF related, but that may be of
interested to OSM project members
* Before complaining about special treatment for board members, you
need to show that other non-board members have received non-favourable
treatment. Has this happened? Do you have any evidence that Steve's
project has been treated any different from a non-board member's
similar project?

I think a sense of proportion might also be needed:

* Steve is the founder of the project, so it's natural that people
involved in the project may be interested in what he's up to, and the
project's twitter account is a reasonable channel for that
* It's just a tweet, one of thousands, not a link on the front page or
a banner on the wiki.
* By asking for a "formal statement of the current board position on
this issue" you are both a) likely pouring ice-water on the enthusiasm
of CWG members to tweet interesting things and b) tying up the OSMF
Board's time on writing a formal statement instead of other things. Is
this topic really worth it?

Sure, I can see that it's useful for CWG to have guidelines on what's
appropriate to tweet and blog about, and I don't know whether they
have formal guidelines or not or if they just use their own judgement.
But let's not make a mountain out of a molehill here.


On 4 January 2016 at 18:41, Jerry Clough <jrclough2 at yahoo.co.uk> wrote:
> Dear All,
> I notice that, a personal project of Steve Coast, who I believe is still chairman emeritus of OSMF, has recently been tweeted using the OpenStreetMap twitter account. This project appears to be for personal gain, and thus the tweet may be construed as advertising for the product, or endorsement of the product, by the board.
> OpenStreetMap on Twitter
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> View on twitter.com
> Preview by Yahoo
> I personally believe that members of the board, whether elected, or appointed ex officio should not receive any special treatment with respect to non-board related activities.
> Given that several members of the board work for, or hold significant financial interests, in for-profit entities making use of OpenStreetMap data, I also think that it is incumbent that the board, and any one acting as an agent for the board (specifically those with the right to tweet using the 'official' twitter account) be held to high standards regarding equal treatment for all users of OpenStreetMap.
> I would welcome a formal statement of the current board position on this issue, including the text of any existing policies.
> Yours,
> Jerry Clough
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