[Osmf-talk] January board meeting minutes

Paul Norman paul.norman at osmfoundation.org
Wed Jan 27 01:42:44 UTC 2016


Circular resolutions were

- 2015/10: Support DWG resolution to ban PeterDRS (passed 7-0)
- 2015/11: Accept Italian Local Chapter application (passed 4-1)
- 2016/01: Accept Steve Coast's resignation as CE (passed 4-0-2

The items discussed were

- Non-board access to board list
- Membership list inquiries
- PeterDRS case
- LWG budget

The next meeting is scheduled for 2016-02-09: 
http://wiki.osmfoundation.org/wiki/Board/Minutes/2016-02-09. The agenda 
is not final.

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