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Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Sat Jul 2 09:58:50 UTC 2016


On 07/02/2016 10:34 AM, Rory McCann wrote:
> I wonder how the fall in value of GBP has affected things? State of
> the Map is in Belgium, and the OSMF accounts is in GBP. Has SoTM
> gotten more expensive for OSMF?

Assuming for a moment that the UKP doesn't miraculously recover by the
time we incur most of the SOTM expenses:

Yes it has, but since the SOTM related *income* is also in Euros, the
loss affects only money that we have already recevied in Euros and
converted to Sterlng.

Roughly speaking:

* Ticket sales are not affected as the money goes to a PayPal account in

* Sponsorship money we have received before the Brexit referendum has
been converted to Sterling at the current rates (and therefore, if
converted back to Euros again in order to pay for conference expenses,
will be worth less).

* Sponsorship money we have received, and will receive, after the Brexit
referendum will still be converted to Sterling and back to Euros again
when spent, but in this case it doesn't make a difference.

Should SOTM turn in a profit then OSMF would use that profit to pay for
other expenses (like servers) that are mostly in Sterling, so in that
case the profit would even last us longer.


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