[Osmf-talk] Beta Volunteer Auditor sought for OSMF

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Tue Jun 21 16:53:43 UTC 2016


On 06/17/2016 11:57 PM, Mark Obrembalski wrote:
> However, I must say there is one thing I don't like about the job
> description: that the first thing I have to do is signing an NDA. I've
> been involved in financial matters of a quite a few non-profit
> organisations. I didn't have to sign any NDAs there. 

It might be that German law has some default provisions for the job
since it is very usual to have a "Kassenpruefer" in German nonprofits.
Also, they are usually elected by the membership so it's the member's
fault if they elect someone who doesn't treat the information with the
confidentiality required.

When checking our bank accounts and Paypal statements, you will get to
see the real names - sometimes also residential and e-mail addresses -
of all members and donors (and how much they gave to us and when). This
is confidential information and these people have not agreed to this
data being distributed. I feel that it would be improper to give this
information to someone without having them sign a document that explains
what they are allowed to do with the data and what not; if you decided
to use the data to (e.g.) send spam to our biggest donors then I think
they would be right in blaming OSMF for not being careful enough with
the data.

Now I could of course remove all personal information from the documents
before giving them to you, but that would (a) be a lot of work for me
and (b) somewhat defeat the purpose of checking the books, since I could
also alter all kinds of other things while I'm at it!

I haven't set up the NDA and I'm willing to negotiate the wording;
essentially it needs to say that you will see a lot of confidential
information and that you will use that information exclusively for
checking the books and preparing a report.


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