[Osmf-talk] Beta Volunteer Auditor sought for OSMF

Mark Obrembalski mark at obrembalski.de
Fri Jun 17 21:57:32 UTC 2016

Am 17.06.2016 um 23:17 schrieb Frederik Ramm:
> Dear OSMF members,
>     nobody has applied for the attractive chance of reviewing OSMF
> spending, as laid out in my email below. No problem, I'll get the car
> then ;)
> Or do we have a volunteer after all?

Well, it seems I have overlooked your original posting. I'm not sure
if I would have applied to this, but if the alternative is that nobody
at all will look into OSMFs books, I will do it.
However, I must say there is one thing I don't like about the job 
description: that the first thing I have to do is signing an NDA. I've 
been involved in financial matters of a quite a few non-profit 
organisations. I didn't have to sign any NDAs there. However, the 
organisations I'm familiar with are all German, so British law may force 
OSMF to require this of its volunteer auditors. Or there may be some 
other good reason for OSMF to require me to sign an NDA. But please 
explain to me why you want me to sign an NDA.


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