[Osmf-talk] Budget for 2016

Simon Poole simon at poole.ch
Sun May 1 15:19:15 UTC 2016

Besides going bust, the other aspect is that even this year we will only
have very limited funds to cover emergency situations. Given that we
don't have any insurance coverage for the operational aspects of the
org, a fire or other disaster would essentially result in everything
coming to a standstill.

While I'm fairly sure there will be a white knight coming to the rescue
(including the "bust" scenario) from "somewhere", such help will very
likely come at the cost of independence.

Just to be clear: I was one of the main driving forces behind getting a
corporate membership in place as one of the ways of stabilizing the
finances (and the underlying issues have not been a secret at least
since I kicked off a discussion here some four years back). I'm just not
convinced that trying to sell more expensive corporate membership on the
benefits that you get more for your money is going to work (IMHO it
should be because you can afford to support OSM more).


Am 01.05.2016 um 16:21 schrieb Frederik Ramm:
> Hi,
>    I've uploaded the 2016 budget here:
> https://wiki.osmfoundation.org/w/images/c/cc/Budget_2016.pdf
> In very simple words, according to this budget we will have about £43k
> left in cash at the end of the year. That will be enough to survive in
> 2017, but by the end of 2017 we *must* have found new funding sources or
> else we go bust.
> Bye
> Frederik

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