[Osmf-talk] Budget for 2016

Simon Poole simon at poole.ch
Mon May 2 07:01:11 UTC 2016

Am 02.05.2016 um 01:08 schrieb Mark Obrembalski:
> ...
> I'm sure better protecting our trademarks is a sensible thing to do. I
> just would like to see an explanation about what exactly is to be done
> in the budget when we suddenly spend a lot more for this purpose than
> we used to. Of course, this can be just a reference to relevant
> documents outside the budget itself.
We are actually not really spending a lot more than we used to do (if
this is referring to "modern" times), it is just in 2015 the funds
allocated to the LWG were half what was requested, and given that "the
plan" how to expand coverage hasn't really changed (and the associated
costs) things tend to bunch up (yes and we haven't been doing certain
things that we should have been doing).



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