[Osmf-talk] Budget for 2016

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Sun May 1 22:17:12 UTC 2016


On 05/01/2016 11:29 PM, Mark Obrembalski wrote:
> There's another kind of reading it which I prefer: We can't buy hardware
> in 2017 unless we find new funding sources. 

Buying hardware is a relatively small problem because we are, by and
large, a community of technically interested people and we *like* shiny
servers with the latest specs; therefore, finding money to buy servers
has usually worked well. It is a very tangible thing: Please help us buy
THIS hot new database machine. This has much more appeal than "please
help us pay lawyer's fees for registering a trademark" or "please help
us pay an accountant" ;)

This is probably a similar situation that many other nonprofits have -
it is easier to raise money for the immediate cause than for the
administrative overhead.


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