[Osmf-talk] Budget for 2016

Ivo Stankov ivo at e-stankov.com
Fri May 6 21:36:22 UTC 2016

> Are you in favour of a Wikipedia-style annual donation campaign? It is
> certainly something that *could* be done. I think it is difficult
> because unlike Wikipedia, we are not the main user interface for our
> content; only a fraction of OSM users are OSM website users. Therefore
> it is more difficult for us to reach our users.

While it is true that many OSM-data users never get to see the osm.org
site, the most motivated and likely to donate ones definitely visit it

It have the feeling there is some reluctance to even seriously consider
a Wikipedia-style donation campaign. But I do not understand why.
Wikimedia is collecting millions in their campaign, we need a tiny, tiny
fraction of this. Theirs is (too) obtrusive, ours doesn't have to be (as

What would be the downside of a trial annual donation campaign that is
advertised just below the search field on the osm.org page with the
honest remark that the OSMF really needs the money in order to remain

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