[Osmf-talk] HOTOSM recognition by the President of Mexico

Mapa Nauta mapanauta at gmail.com
Thu May 19 03:36:28 UTC 2016

Greetings to all,

Yesterday was Internet Day 2016 and the office of the President of Mexico
invited 50 people involved in Tech, OpenData, Innovation among other
similar subjects to participate in a discussion about the future of Mexico,
I had the chance to be among those 50 people called Digital Leaders. I was
a bit skeptical at the beginning because I never participated in such
events but I thought it was a good opportunity to take advantage of the
dialogue. After raising my hand in several ocassions and thinking I was not
able to participate due to the lack of time,  the President of Mexico did a
comment related to Open Data and Hurricaine Patricia in the one I had the
chance to help to coordinate with Rodolfo Wilhelmy and more than 500 people
participated in the mapping. The President thanked for those efforts and I
emphasize the need of  Quality Open Data and provide more impulse to Open

You can find the video here, my participation is in the minute 1:08:35
(sorry there is no translation and also in Spanish i speak to fast :)  )



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