[Osmf-talk] Problems with skrill.com in the UK

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Mon Oct 3 23:54:20 UTC 2016

Dear OSMF members,
especially those in the UK -

   over a year ago the OSMF openend an account with skrill.com, an
England-based somewhat-competitor to PayPal. At the time, that was
necessary to transfer funds we had received through Flattr into our bank
account - Flattr would pay out to Skrill, and Skrill to our bank. Skrill
made the usual promises ("click here to open an account, it is quick and
easy..."), and we successfully moved about £50 that way.

Then we tried to move £500 (that had accumulated during last year's
donation drive), and that's when problems started - Skrill refused to do
that without some kind of "verification" where they requested all kinds
of documents, but even after receiving them further dragged their feet.
Finally a few months ago they requested that we fill out a "merchant
account application" to retrieve our money, which suddenly wasn't "quick
and easy" any more, it's a multi-page form that required lots of
accompanying documents, not all of which even exist (the OSMF, for
example, doesn't have any utility bills or bank statements that have the
company address on them). I did that nonetheless.

I've gone back and forth through their support (which usually sends
emails that go "please respond within 48 hours or we'll close this
ticket" but they themselves will often take weeks to reply), but I'm now
hitting a brick wall. They have roughly £500 of our money and I want
that money now.

Short of raising a stink on social media, I wonder what the proper
process in the UK is. They seem to be regulated by the Financial Conduct
Authority. There must be some magic words I can put in a written letter
alongside our bank account number to make them pay out our money? Is
perhaps http://www.financial-ombudsman.org.uk the way to go?

I'd like to avoid having to task a lawyer with this because that would
quickly eat up the £500 ;)


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