[Osmf-talk] Proposal - OSMF Should Adopt a Code of Conduct

Simon Poole simon at poole.ch
Sat Dec 2 22:39:53 UTC 2017

On 02.12.2017 19:53, Clifford Snow wrote:
> On Sat, Dec 2, 2017 at 8:27 AM, Simon Poole <simon at poole.ch
> <mailto:simon at poole.ch>> wrote:
>     The WMF is of particular interest, not just because they, at least
>     in theory, have a similar role in their overall movement as the
>     OSMF, but because they have multiple CoC or similar documents
>     tailor made for the venue, activity and groups that they concern.
>     Taking particular care on the hand to allow people working
>     together on a specific task do so in a friendly non-discriminatory
>     environment (in our case this would be mainly the working groups)
>     and on the other hand being careful not to stifle debate and
>     critical discussion of matters that concern policies, elections
>     and the central organisation  (in our case the OSMF). 
> I'm glad you brought in Wikimedia. Yes they are a similar organization
> to OSM but with a code which as you point out seems to work for them.
The point was that they don't have "a code" (as in the singular).

The thing that I wanted to point out is that, you presented a very long
shopping list, some of the points are universal, some are not. For
example in a working group being collaborative is a core aspect of
getting work done in a group, here on the other hand it would be a clear
hindrance to frank discussion.
>     Now I do make the admission that for somebody that has never been
>     involved in OSM in an active way before, being dropped on to this
>     mailing list has to be bewildering, which goes for any mailing
>     list in times of high traffic, but to turn it in to an essentially
>     moderated list on which you don't dare raise issues or say your
>     mind because you might frighten somebody away that doesn't have
>     the context of the discussion yet, cannot be the solution. Maybe
>     we should simply revive osmf-announce and not automatically
>     subscribe everybody to this list, though I'm sure that will simply
>     result in people complaining that they are being cut out of
>     important discussions.
> I may have not made my proposal clear enough. My proposal is for OSM,
> under the policy guidance of OSMF, to adopt a code of conduct. Not
> just the osmf-talk list, but all OSM lists, forums, and events. 
I think everybody understood that, more than clear enough (to complete
the list: changeset comments, changesets discussions, diary posts, the
website message system).

>     That, very seldom, we have events in which unacceptable language
>     is used, I count three in seven years of OSM (the major one being
>     two Americans calling each other names on talk-diversity,). is the
>     risk that we take by providing open communication forums, no CoC
>     will stop that happening, except of we turn this list in to fully
>     moderated. But that risk is by far outweighed by the benefits.
> OSM seems to be doing okay not moderating edits. I think the same
> approach should be used for mailing lists. OSM has a good process for
> handling issues of copyright violation, disputes, vandalism, etc. How
> DWG handles issues would be a good example for a group responsible for
> CoC reports.  What this proposal does is provide an avenue for people
> to report violations of the code which is similar to the role DWG
> fills. Looking at the list of organizations with a code, I'm not aware
> of any that operate fully moderated.
Well isn't that supposed to be the effect? That you don't need to
actually moderate because everybody will self-censure?


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