[Osmf-talk] statistics from the membership drive

Christoph Hormann chris_hormann at gmx.de
Sun Dec 3 20:08:53 UTC 2017

On Sunday 03 December 2017, Kate Chapman wrote:
> Would you envision the board becoming more parliamentary? At the
> moment the board members don't represent specific interest groups. Or
> is this more focused on the OSMF membership in general?

I think the latter is more fitting.

My vision would be every active OSM community member being an OSMF 
member - either automatically or because this becomes established 
practice.  This of course would absolutely require the membership fee 
to become optional.

IMO this could probably work as a direct democratic system although with 
such a broad membership base it might make sense to either have some 
sort of global representative parliament-like body to oversee the board 
and decide on matters of importance or (which likely makes more sense) 
to create a federal system where local communities elect their 
representatives and these local representatives together form a 
counterweight to the board which would allow the board to turn into a 
more government-like body with specific roles and skills as you 

With the current size and structure of the membership such 
considerations are of course still pretty utopic.

Christoph Hormann

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