[Osmf-talk] Proposal - OSMF Should **NOT** Adopt a Code of Conduct

Rafael Avila Coya ravilacoya at gmail.com
Sun Dec 3 23:42:26 UTC 2017

Hi, Luigi:

I started interacting through the internet back in 1991. No mousse in my 
computer. Newsgroups was my first interaction. From that, I interacted 
by almost any media.

If I had to follow any rule: 1) I wasn't aware of them, or 2) I simply 
ignored them, or 3) I just simply quitted. I barely don't remember any 
issue on my side in already 26 years of net talk.

Hope this answers your question.



On 03/12/17 23:51, Luigi Toscano wrote:
> Rafael Avila Coya ha scritto:
>> Hi, Emily:
>> On 03/12/17 23:06, Emily Eros wrote:
>>> Hi all,
>>> As someone who generally doesn't participate in these mailing lists, I very
>>> much disagree with this statement:
>>> "Some people feel frightened to participate in mailing lists? Well, I think
>>> it's very exaggerated and makes me smile in general."
>>> I can wholeheartedly say that YES, this is a space that I don't feel
>>> comfortable participating in. It's great to see people passionate about OSM,
>>> but this space feels fraught with hostility and personal tensions - some of
>>> which goes years back. It's easy to feel like saying something is going to
>>> leave me feeling attacked. For me, I don't see an obvious way to contribute
>>> and try to make this better, so YES, it is very tempting to just disengage.
>>> I know I'm not alone in that, so I'd really encourage you to take it
>>> seriously when people say that they don't feel comfortable contributing to
>>> the mailing lists.
>> I take it very seriously: the sole idea of a CoC makes me frightened and feel
>> unconfortable.
>> I follow and participate in many mailing lists (Spanish, French and English).
>> Tell the talk-es about a CoC and then come here to tell me what they think...
>> And some of the people in favor of a CoC are talking about a CoC for the
>> overall OSM community, no less.
> Did you ever joined an IRC channel, or interacted in a web forum?
> In that case you had most likely to follow some rules. Call it code of
> conduct, but it's not something you never experienced already.

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