[Osmf-talk] Proposal - OSMF Should Adopt a Code of Conduct

Eugene Alvin Villar seav80 at gmail.com
Mon Dec 4 01:17:54 UTC 2017

On Mon, Dec 4, 2017 at 8:18 AM, Christoph Hormann <chris_hormann at gmx.de>

> OSM-Carto is an independent development project under the personal github
> account of Andy Allan and not in any way under control or responsibility of
> the OSMF.  There is no requirement to accept or acknowledge the Code of
> Conduct - not even for maintainers (you have to sign up on github to
> interact with the project and when doing that agree to their TOS of
> course). There has been (to my knowledge) no case of complaint about anyone
> w.r.t. the Code of Conduct [...]

I am not sure what your point is in the last phrase, but the absence of a
complaint does not mean that the CoC is unnecessary.

> [...] and there is no procedure for handling such complaints.

Well, there is certainly a procedure for submitting complaints (listed
under the "Reporting issues" section of the CoC). I agree that the CoC does
not mention exactly how the maintainers (which includes you, Christoph)
will handle such complaints, but I assume that they will discuss among
themselves how to handle these on a case-by-case basis. Whether the process
for handling complaints should be mentioned or codified in the CoC is a
separate issue from the issue of having a CoC in the first place.

If you try to ask a random contributor on OSM-Carto if they have read the
> CoC i don't like your chances...

Again, I am not sure what your point is, but if you ask any random
registered OSM mapper whether they have read the OSM Contributor Terms, you
also won't like the chances. This doesn't mean that the Contributor Terms
are not needed.

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