[Osmf-talk] Proposal - OSMF Should **NOT** Adopt a Code of Conduct

Nikos Roussos comzeradd at fsfe.org
Mon Dec 4 09:23:45 UTC 2017

>> "In that context, and without any intention to offend anyone, I'd give
>> more value in this matter to the opinion of people who are more likely
>> to be the victims of harassment and abusive behavior, compared to the
>> opinion of white males who argue out of the safety of their privileged
>> status."
> White males... privileged status... yes, that's true. But we don't need
> a CoC for that, we need just common sense and be aware of the little
> details that lead to genre inequality. We can handle that, maybe with
> difficulties, but we can, because we are a civilized and healthy
> community. It's a question of listening to each other, but talking
> freely, not under presure or autocensorship.

That's what a CoC does. It codifies what you describe as common sense. There is no pressure against people who share what you describe here. The existence of a CoC clarifies that this is "a civilized and healthy community". Otherwise it's not clear that this is actually the case and that most people share your "common" sense.

To reverse the question posed many times in this thread. What do we have to fear from a CoC? If a part of our community feels safer and more empowered by having a CoC to declare what probably most of us already consider common sense, then it worths it. Why so much discussion about it? What's the drawback? That people who tend to use abusive language may self-censored? And is this is a bigger priority over providing a safe place for less privileged people?

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