[Osmf-talk] Surveys

Tom Hughes tom at compton.nu
Wed Dec 6 18:59:25 UTC 2017

On 06/12/17 18:51, Thomas Gertin wrote:

> My experience in the present day with being on the Internet is that
> many online services and applications (including free & paid services
> and from private companies & NGOs) automatically subscribe users to
> receive e-mail notifications upon registration. It is then the burden
> of the user to unsubscribe themselves. I do not appreciate this as I
> often get many e-mail notifications from the same entity and I find
> myself unsubscribing from many e-mail newsletters and notices.
> However, I do not typically stop using the actual service itself.
> Having an opt-out checkbox for unsolicited e-mails may be a best
> practice but I'm not sure if it is a blocker if OSM wants to send out
> an e-mail to its users. I am having trouble thinking of many scenarios
> when it would be necessary for OSM to e-mail all of the users anyway.
> However, sending out an optional survey on an annual basis to a random
> subset of OSM users unsolicited may be worth it. I'm sure this can be
> discussed further.

Whilst it might be possible in some jurisdictions there is simply no 
question that an opt out is required in EU jurisdictions.

In fact once GDPR is in force next year I believe it will have to be a 
positive opt in (so no pre-checked boxes).

Simon is the expert anyway, so if he thinks it's necessary then it is.


Tom Hughes (tom at compton.nu)

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