[Osmf-talk] There are no HOT board positions. Request for a productive relationship (was: Orwell was right)

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Sat Dec 9 23:36:31 UTC 2017


   the elections are over, and we welcome Heather as a new member of the
OSMF board of directors, and Paul as a returning member.

As has always been the case, and as I wrote in a very early response in
this thread, all board members are legally required to work for the
goals of the OSMF, and nothing else.[*]

On 09.12.2017 19:20, Milo van der Linden wrote:
> If I can, I will prevent any HOT inc board position with OSM.

There are no "HOT Inc board positions" in the OSMF board, just as there
are no Mapbox or Telenav positions, no German or American positions, no
male or female positions. While their different backgrounds can give
board members different perspectives on how to serve the OSMF best, the
OSMF board is not a parliament in which different people represent
"their" constituency.

Perhaps we can draw a line under this unfortunate discussion, and agree
on this: The board will continue on its path of transparency, so that
everyone can see what we're doing. The members will watch what we're
doing, and offer feedback whenever they think that we're falling short
of expectations. (Feedback when we're doing good is also welcome, of

In the run-up to this election, even though there's been some
mud-slinging that could have been avoided, I was positively surprised by
just how many active participants there are on this list, who were
willing to invest the time to read through long discussions and share
their opinion.

I would very much like to see every one of you not bury their heads into
the sand until three weeks before the next election, but instead help
the OSMF board by - even if just occasionally - listening in to our
board meetings or reading the meeting minutes, and commenting on our
work and asking questions where things are unclear.

You are the OSMF; the board is just running things on your behalf in the
time between two AGMs. Your participation in the OSMF is not limited to
voting for board members; transparency is there so that you don't have
to blindly trust us.

If you ever believe that the OSMF board is bowing to any particular
interest other than what's best for the project and the OSMF - that's
the moment where a discussion should start.

Don't look at individual board members and their backgrounds - look at
what the board is doing, and judge us on that.


[*] While they have the OSMF board hat on, at least!

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