[Osmf-talk] Chairperson's Report for the AGM

Robert Kaiser kairo at kairo.at
Mon Dec 11 01:28:09 UTC 2017

nicolas chavent schrieb:
> Kate Chapman as the OSMF Chairperson provided the Membership *16.5 hours*
> prior the General Meeting with the 2017 Chairperson's report

FWIW, in any organization I have been part ofany uch reports were always 
only presented *at* the meeting comparative to this AGM, not any hours 
(s) before, and usually not in a form visible outside the meeting at all.

For the contents, I agree that while the board members may think the 
facts are abvious, us as "normal" members are usually more disconnected 
from those and therefore it's always nice to have some rehash of those 
and I also would enjoy to see more details there in the future.

I also agree though that the tone of the initial email in this thread 
was a bit harsh and we should phrase wishes like that in a more 
sensitive way in the future, if possible.


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