[Osmf-talk] Organized Editing Best Practice

Marc Prioleau marc at mapbox.com
Mon Dec 11 19:00:42 UTC 2017

The OSMF Board has tasked the DWG to come up with a policy, consult with
stakeholders, and suggest something to the Board on Organized Editing.

Stakeholders on the OSMF Advisory Board have also been discussing this
topic since early this summer, participated in the survey, and since the
beginning of October, we have been formulating our current collective “best
practice” in this document. This is meant as input to help further the OSMF
designed process.

The guidelines outline best practices for organized editing based on
experiences from several companies and organizations. The goal is to
standardize around a set of practices that encourage involvement in
OpenStreetMap, contribute high quality mapping, provide transparency around
practices and provide support for and cooperation with local and global OSM

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