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Hi all,

Thanks Martijn for sending this email on the behalf of the Board and
Dorothea and sharing those two types of summaries which form (and would
form in the future) easy to use and useful annexes to a yearly report and
contribute to both Board transparency and accountability.

I put my below comments under one of the last exchanges between Frederik
and Christop on the "Treasurer's report for 2017 AGM" email thread where
Frederik read as follow [1]:

"Christoph, you are - like I am - a great proponent of a volunteer run
board, where we don't throw around money to have things run
"professionally". This means that board work is done by people who have
a job, a family, and other volunteer commitments on top of that, and
sometimes things fall between the cracks. It's ok to watch us - please
do - but perhaps you can be a little forgiving from time to time too!

In short, the below is inspired by benevolence and seeks to build on the
momentum of election and pre General Meeting (GM) discussions to
collectively try to do more and better (to stick to one of our
newly-elected director mantra as a candidate).

First off there are different cultural expectations and within a given
culture also different requirements in terms of the yearly reports for a
collective body like the OSMF and it would be beneficial for us to pause on
the closing of year 2017:
- to describe the span in expectations amongst the OSMF membership in terms
of the document or sets of documents that would be relevant for us
- to look at the time lines for their delivery: day of the GM, day/couple
of days prior the GM, a month (or more) prior the GM
- the authorship of the report: Chairperson only, Chairperson and OSMF
staff or members, a reporting group...
The more info put into the report, the more informed the membership and the
more likely the members are to perform their duty to both support the OSMF
Board and also run their control function (check and balances) which is
necessary to ensure the foundation remains on track in supporting (without
controlling) the OSM project.

Thinking back to past election discussions (beyond 2017) that some found
over heated, too important, and questionable as per their conformity to
facts... (to name a few of judgments expressed on the lists), yearly
reporting can be of help to inform the membership and provide a thick
validated layer of facts to ground any election discussions. The more
detailed, collectively authored reports are, the more upfront they are
shared prior the GM or prior the election process start, the more likely we
are to have elections discussions focused on differences (or conflicting)
visions and ways forward for OSMF in making progresses achieving its
Hence why, building on the current interest and momentum, we shall go
further and make progresses on the Board (and perhaps also the Working
Groups) yearly reports.

Since there's a collective assessment that the 2017 Chairperson's report is
insufficient in its facts/reporting dimension, it could be interesting to
collectively work into doing more and doing better to
- define its relevant outline, its main features, its length, the list of
relevant annexes documents,
- build this 2017 report
And then adjust the Chairperson TOR with specifics on the yearly reporting
deliveries: a report and the underlying work to its production.

Lastly, since any candidate and any director know that it's a task to
contribute to OSM at the OSMF Board, and that it's both an honor and a duty
which comes with work, it's important that both:
- the elect directors act in a way which keep up with the trust Members
invested via their votes
- the Members in their expectations take well into account that the OSMF
directors are volunteers like all OSM members and be "forgiving from time
to time too" to quote Frederik.

This being said, that Dorotea produced for the Board those two summaries is
normal for a paid personal at OSMF; not that and I am not grateful for
this, quite the contrary.
This being said too, that Kate produced a less satisfactory Chairperson's
report (as per the current OSMF format) in 2017 than she did in 2016 and
2015 and has been questioned for this, shall not have lead to such a
discussion since she is accountable as our Chairperson for issuing on
behalf of the OSMF Board such document.
One she shall have expected that the Chairperson recognized that her
current report was not as satisfactory as her past ones and express regrets
to the Membeship by offering to fix this issue alone, or with the support
of goodwill people at the Board and in the membership.
Instead of this respectful and constructive attitude, we witnessed a sad
instrumentalization of the gender issue (which is a real and important
topic) to excuse herself from answering a fellow-member question which
could have been better worded yes but which was not offensive yet.


[1]: https://lists.openstreetmap.org/pipermail/osmf

On Mon, Dec 11, 2017 at 9:31 PM, Martijn van Exel <martijn at osmfoundation.org
> wrote:

> Hi all,
> Inspired by recent discussions and in a continuing effort to be more
> transparent, we compiled a couple of pages summarizing OSMF and board work
> over the past year.
> The first is a summary of all of the past year’s board meeting minutes:
> https://wiki.osmfoundation.org/wiki/Board_Meeting_Minutes/Overview_201712
> The second page is a high level overview of important matters OSMF (board
> as well as WGs) addressed, or started to address, in 2017: https://wiki.
> osmfoundation.org/wiki/OSMF_overview_201712
> There is no new information in these pages, but it should serve as a
> convenient overview for those who can’t always find the time to read
> minutes, join board meetings and other sources of OSMF updates.
> Please join us in giving a big thanks to Dorothea, who was instrumental in
> creating these summaries, as well as drastically  improving the quality of
> our meeting minutes.
> The entire board welcomes your questions and feedback about these
> summaries. Also, please get involved in OSMF work by joining one of the
> Working Groups! There are links to get in touch with the groups in the
> summary.
> Best,
> Kate, Heather, Frederik, Peter, Paul, Mikel, Martijn, and Dorothea
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