[Osmf-talk] Summaries for 2017

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Tue Dec 12 19:18:27 UTC 2017

Thank you for taking the time to make those summaries, given that the minutes of the board and working groups being already published for those who are interested.

Le 11 décembre 2017 21:31:02 GMT+01:00, Martijn van Exel <martijn at osmfoundation.org> a écrit :
>Hi all, 
>Inspired by recent discussions and in a continuing effort to be more
>transparent, we compiled a couple of pages summarizing OSMF and board
>work over the past year. 
>The first is a summary of all of the past year’s board meeting minutes:
>The second page is a high level overview of important matters OSMF
>(board as well as WGs) addressed, or started to address, in 2017:
>There is no new information in these pages, but it should serve as a
>convenient overview for those who can’t always find the time to read
>minutes, join board meetings and other sources of OSMF updates.
>Please join us in giving a big thanks to Dorothea, who was instrumental
>in creating these summaries, as well as drastically  improving the
>quality of our meeting minutes.
>The entire board welcomes your questions and feedback about these
>summaries. Also, please get involved in OSMF work by joining one of the
>Working Groups! There are links to get in touch with the groups in the
>Kate, Heather, Frederik, Peter, Paul, Mikel, Martijn, and Dorothea
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