[Osmf-talk] Possibe effects of CoCs

Christoph Hormann chris_hormann at gmx.de
Wed Dec 20 10:37:42 UTC 2017

On Wednesday 20 December 2017, Ilya Zverev wrote:
> For example, let's take the recent discussion in imports at . A VP of a
> company subscribes and posts about a Walmart import, 4600 points,
> with no licensing issues, good tagging and nicely visualized. Next
> comes Ian and thanks him for the work in preparing the import.
> Normal? Yes for the american community, I guess.
> But not for OSM: it's unheard of, that an import discussion starts
> with a grateful words, and not criticism. It is so uncommon in our
> community, that Frederik immediately replied with sarcasm (which imo
> should be one of reasons for instaban), accusing him of being somehow
> affiliated, and tried hard to find as much flaws in the import as
> possible. So that Damian doesn't feel by mistake welcomed.
> That is not a single instance of unfriendliness. It's just a way our
> community works.
> [...]

Although i don't agree with you regarding the observation i will bite.  
Note though i expect there will immediately be the usual suspects 
attempting to derail the discussion and prevent an actual discourse on 
the matter.

So lets assume for the moment the above is an accurate description of 
the communication style in OSM - what kind of effect do you think a CoC 
would have on that?  I can think of a number of scenarios:

* nothing of substance happends, the CoC is essentially ignored in 
everyday communication.  This is the most likely result if you take 
typical CoCs elsewhere as a reference.  I would call this the "alibi 
CoC scenario".
* those who practice a communication style that is against the CoC will 
be sanctioned and leave the community - or to say it with Steve Coast's 
word: "removing the poisonous people".  The remaining members of the 
OSM community are culturally homogeneous enough so larger differences 
in opinion within this community become rare but it would essentially 
become a filter bubble separated from society as a whole.  I would call 
this the "eviction CoC scenario".  If the CoC is vague this scenario 
also likely would degrade into an "abusive CoC scenario" where the CoC 
is used by those in a position of power to control the discourse of the 
* those who practice a communication style that is against the CoC will 
bite their tongue and put on a facade of conformity while underneath 
the cultural gaps widen with no chance to actually get together and 
substantially resolve differences in opinion or to develop an 
understanding for the different viewpoints.  Ultimately the differences 
will discharge outside the controlled realms of the CoC and in 
anonymous expressions of opinion.  I would call this the "suppression 
CoC scenario".
* those who practice a communication style that is against the CoC will 
see the light, dispose of the wickedness of their ways and adjust to 
the expected cultural standards.  Adult people disposing of the culture 
of communication they grew up with? - not likely going to happen.  I 
would call this the "wishful thinking CoC scenario".

I would be glad to hear any different expected scenario i failed to see 
when analyzing this.

Christoph Hormann

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