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Tyler Radford tylerradford at gmail.com
Wed Dec 20 23:20:59 UTC 2017

Wishing all in the OSM community a happy holiday/end of year period and
peaceful beginning to 2018.


On Tue, Dec 19, 2017 at 10:10 AM, Jo Walsh <metazool at fastmail.net> wrote:

> Hello all,
> On Tue, Dec 19, 2017, at 12:22 PM, Heather Leson wrote:
> What if we took pause to consider how we might move forward?
> Before posting solutions, maybe take some time.
> I like this suggestion a lot. Last weekend I resubscribed to OSMF and to
> this list, and read lots of backstory. This was prompted by the recent
> angst spilling out into parts of my Twitter feed that aren't OSM centric. I
> would like to help - to cut through the meta discussion about conduct codes
> with some concrete proposals - to volunteer to be part of any conflict
> resolution group that may form.
> I've held back posting to this list as yet because of the back-and-forth,
> reactive nature of the threads. Waiting until the holidays start and I have
> some relief from work and childcare, to put on my flame-proof suit and
> barge in. I anticipated turning up at a family holiday gathering only to
> disappear into the attic and have internet arguments for several days. But
> this way would be even better.
> Cheers,
> Jo aka zool
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