[Osmf-talk] OpenLitterMap + OpenStreetMap = Stop plastic going into the ocean

Seán Lynch seanlynch at umail.ucc.ie
Thu May 18 21:56:09 UTC 2017

Hi guys

I am one of the most recent members to join the OSMF

and I am also the developer of OpenLitterMap.com

As well as data on litter, I am also interested in collecting fixed
geospatial data on gutters, storm drains etc. which you can now map +
download @ openlittermap.


This is a new upgrade (~2 hours) so there is very little data on these
fixed geospatial "Pathways" up there yet, but now you can add it in. It
should work anywhere on the globe. If you can help me find a bug, I will
increase your upload allowance. Once data passes verification, all maps
locations etc will update including geospatial & quantitative analysis.
This data on fixed geospatial pathways may be adopted by OSM.

Also, I am reverse geocoding with the most recent release nominatim and all
these values (entire addressArray) are included in the downloads CSV per
image. Its a pretty easy way to get a sample of OSM address data and may
provide room for improvements in addressing however users should be aware
that the created_at timestamp is a reflection of when the request took
place and the address may not reflect the most recent address. The lat &
long is also at your disposal so it would be easy to test the address for

Maps can be accessed by openlittermap.com/maps/*Country/State/Location*/map/
with downloads available at every stage for authenticated users. I will
include more options for viewing soon.


If your location is not included yet, simply add in geotagged data of
litter from any location and have it verified (Current waiting time of 0-12
hours). If you add in a new location, soon you will be added to the hall of
fame for history to remember :-)

If you would like to download data, simply log in and click the download
button per country, state or city and its yours. Can you figure out how to
stop plastic going into the ocean? Can you make inferences between OLM and
OSM data?

There is not a lot of data up there yet so feel free to add it in

You may also change the size of the hex grid for spatial analysis and
filter the data temporally via time sliders or through the url

There is currently no mobile app but it works in the browser on any device.
Just log in it works on laptop, iOS, Android etc. My recommended strategy
for data collection is 1. Collect geotagged images of litter* in your own
time and move them to an external space. 2. Once a month, submit them to
OpenLitterMap. 3. Process them in your own time.

*make sure the litter items are visible, because you are the one who has to
process the images later.

there is a GeoForAll webinar here

and another tutorial on youtube

(There have been and will be many more upgrades following these already
outdated tutorials)

For a quick history of the 1-month history of OpenLitterMap, check out my
Instagram <http://openlittermap.com/openlittermap>

Finally, I am looking for a talented graphic designer to contribute to OLM
to help stop plastic going into the ocean and I can offer some commission

Finally #2, feel free to download this poster
and hang it up in your departments, cafes, hostels etc. to get more people
interested in OpenLitterMap. If you send a pic of the poster, I will
increase your upload allowance!

Cheers from Ireland \m/

Happy mapping!!


https://openlittermap.com @OpenLitterMap (Fb, Tw, Ig)
M.Sc. Coastal & Marine Environments (NUIG, 2015)
M.Sc. GIS & Remote Sensing (UCC, 2014)
B.A. Geography & Economics (UCC, 2011)
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