[Osmf-talk] Directed Editing Policy

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Tue Nov 21 17:25:14 UTC 2017


I've been asked to "switch to listening mode" for a while and am trying
very hard to do so, and will try to limit myself to answering genuine
questions and clearing up misunderstandigs, rather than allowing myself
to get involved in discussions.

Hence, just two very short and factual points in response to your

1. Please note the "create level playing field" sentence in the preamble
that you seem to have overlooked.

2. "With great power comes great responsibility". Having rules that
apply to groups of people but not an individual mapper is a reflection
of this principle, and not a flaw.

I hope that other people will be able to point you to a few of the more
recent communication problems that have arisen with regard to directed
mapping. Are you on talk-ca?


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