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Tue Nov 21 09:18:04 UTC 2017

Hi all,

I've not looked at the policy in detail, but I think that it's going to
suffer from a problem that the original survey shared:

"The policy replaces the somewhat fuzzy terms of "paid" and "organised"
editing with the concept of "directed editing", "

Paid and organised editing was fuzzy in the original survey, but only
because the survey treated them as such, to such an extent that a cynic
could say that it was deliberate. The terms themselves are very clear: paid
mapping means that mappers receive financial compensation for their work;
an organised mapper may be directed in their actions, but they're not doing
it for money.

In my day to day life I am not suffering from a fuzzy understanding of paid
work I undertake and any volunteer work I may do. Does anyone here?

I believe the proposals are nominally directed towards paid mapping, but
the assertion that this is somehow confusing has caused problems throughout
the community consultation and drafting process. I would like to see an
improvement in defining the terms in use, and the explicit scope of the
proposal, although I admit again that I am replying mainly to the
introductory email.


On 21 Nov 2017 00:56, "Frederik Ramm" <frederik at remote.org> wrote:


   the DWG has prepared a policy on "Directed Editing" (former working
title "Organised Editing Policy"). Read it here:


The policy picks up (but doesn't slavishly follow) the results of our
survey, where it became obvious that transparency and communications are
what mappers find most important about organised mapping efforts. The
policy replaces the somewhat fuzzy terms of "paid" and "organised"
editing with the concept of "directed editing", which is essentially
when you're required to edit OSM (because of work, a school assignment
etc) and/or when you're told by others exactly what and how to map.

The DWG is interested in feedback on this proposal. Are you currently
involved in some form of editing that would be covered by the policy?
Does the policy present an unnecessary obstacle for some activities? If
you have witnessed organised mapping efforts that caused problems -
would these problems have been avoided if people had adhered to the
proposed policy?


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