[Osmf-talk] Candidacy: OSMF Board

Christoph Hormann chris_hormann at gmx.de
Thu Nov 23 18:18:49 UTC 2017

On Thursday 23 November 2017, joost schouppe wrote:
> This quote to me is the worst of the text:
> > Seeking to join the board of the OSM Foundation with such a high
> > OSM profile is really shameless


In German characterizing behaviour as shameless (schamlos) that you 
consider inappropriate or selfish in a very bold way is widely 
accepted - not only in everyday conversation between people but also in 
situations where a guarded and thoughtful formulation is usually 

While this is considered a strong form of critique - someone is 
criticized not only for what they do but also for doing it in bold, 
excessive or ostentatious form with complete disregard for it being 
inappropriate - it is not generally considered demeaning or defamation 
because it is a critique of behaviour and not of character.  Referring 
to a person as 'schamlos' rather than to their specific actions can be 
different (depending on context) but this is very rare in German 
(except maybe as a hidden and slightly ironic compliment for boldness).

Note this is not meant to say i agree with Severin's assessment.

Christoph Hormann

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