[Osmf-talk] Paying Board/WG was: Standing for board election

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Sun Nov 26 16:40:24 UTC 2017


On 11/26/2017 04:10 PM, Christoph Hormann wrote:
> Maybe a way to acknowledge that and get more volunteer help under these 
> circumstances is to recruit volunteers more often for smaller 
> individual tasks independently rather than for general participation in 
> a working group.

I'm glad you are saying that because that's exactly what the current
board has discussed at the last face-to-face meeting
look for "volunteer drive"). The idea was to find out what kinds of
fine-granular work contributions the various working groups could use
(e.g. "we need someone with X skill to do Y task
once/occasionally/continuously") and then approach our community members
("do you have X skill and can you spend Z hours of time?") - basically a
kind of match-making between demand in working groups and supply from
the community.

We're still planning that for 2018 unless of course things should change
after the election.


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