[Osmf-talk] DWG survey on organized editing

Allan Mustard allan at mustard.net
Sun Oct 8 07:37:55 UTC 2017

Dear Friends,

I just took the survey, and have to say that my graduate degree in
agricultural economics, which included a course in survey sampling and
statistical methods, informed me that there was not a lot of bias in the
survey, with all due respect to my OSM volunteer colleagues who have
raised objections to it.  IMHO the survey addresses a very real problem
of correcting problems inserted by paid organized mappers (with which I
have had to contend more than once in mapping the distant, largely
unheard of country of Turkmenistan), who are thousands of miles away,
and base their edits on five-year-old Bing imagery coupled with gross
assumptions of what the ground truth would reveal.

Could the survey have been designed better?  Yes, probably it could have
been, had we engaged some social scientists with Ph.D.s in statistical
survey techniques, but for the OSM Foundation's purposes, this survey
will likely prove adequate to gauge the opinions of the mapping
community.  I'm glad I had the opportunity to voice my opinion about
something that irritates me--having to fix errors inserted by people who
aren't within a thousand miles of here, but think they know what they
are doing.

Warm regards to all, best regards from sunny Ashgabat--and be sure to
look up my Mapillary images from this weekend of a trip to see the
longest dinosaur tracks in the world, once my smartphone finishes
uploading them!

apm-wa (Allan Mustard)

On 10/6/2017 1:01 PM, Frederik Ramm wrote:
> Everyone,
> On 20.09.2017 06:50, Paul Norman wrote:
>> The Data Working Group is conducting a survey as part of its work on a
>> policy covering paid mapping.
> We plan to close the survey on Sunday night (at 23:59:59 UTC), that's 2
> days and 16 hours from now. We'll then take some time to analyze the
> results and share them with you, then draft a policy informed by the
> results and the discussion here and elsewhere, and present that for
> further discussion.
> Bye
> Frederik

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