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Manfred A. Reiter ma.reiter at gmail.com
Sun Oct 8 08:28:24 UTC 2017

Hi Allan, *,

One of my biggest reservations is the fact that the survey is being
conducted in English only.

>From my work for weeklyOSM I know for sure that many contributors from
French-speaking cultural circles or speakers from Latin America will
certainly be overwhelmed by the survey in English. The same applies to many
of the German-speaking contributors I have spoken to.

In this way, the result will certainly not be representative.


2017-10-08 9:37 GMT+02:00 Allan Mustard <allan at mustard.net>:

> Dear Friends,
> I just took the survey, and have to say that my graduate degree in
> agricultural economics, which included a course in survey sampling and
> statistical methods, informed me that there was not a lot of bias in the
> survey, with all due respect to my OSM volunteer colleagues who have raised
> objections to it.  IMHO the survey addresses a very real problem of
> correcting problems inserted by paid organized mappers (with which I have
> had to contend more than once in mapping the distant, largely unheard of
> country of Turkmenistan), who are thousands of miles away, and base their
> edits on five-year-old Bing imagery coupled with gross assumptions of what
> the ground truth would reveal.
> Could the survey have been designed better?  Yes, probably it could have
> been, had we engaged some social scientists with Ph.D.s in statistical
> survey techniques, but for the OSM Foundation's purposes, this survey will
> likely prove adequate to gauge the opinions of the mapping community.  I'm
> glad I had the opportunity to voice my opinion about something that
> irritates me--having to fix errors inserted by people who aren't within a
> thousand miles of here, but think they know what they are doing.
> Warm regards to all, best regards from sunny Ashgabat--and be sure to look
> up my Mapillary images from this weekend of a trip to see the longest
> dinosaur tracks in the world, once my smartphone finishes uploading them!
> cheers,
> apm-wa (Allan Mustard)
> On 10/6/2017 1:01 PM, Frederik Ramm wrote:
> Everyone,
> On 20.09.2017 06:50, Paul Norman wrote:
> The Data Working Group is conducting a survey as part of its work on a
> policy covering paid mapping.
> We plan to close the survey on Sunday night (at 23:59:59 UTC), that's 2
> days and 16 hours from now. We'll then take some time to analyze the
> results and share them with you, then draft a policy informed by the
> results and the discussion here and elsewhere, and present that for
> further discussion.
> Bye
> Frederik
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