[Osmf-talk] Membership Fee Waiver Program

michael spreng osmf at m.spreng.ch
Sat Sep 23 09:40:22 UTC 2017


The Membership Working Group started with the implementation of the fee
waiver program. It is based on the board resolution from
Oct. 14th 2014 [1].

We start with the lack of suitable money transfer facility, because this
is much easier to evaluate, and it gets us experience in the program.

As for the requirement for something else of value, we went with the
definition of an active mapper from the contributor terms, because we
wanted something that doesn't require any subjective evaluation.

We have written a guide line which we intend to publish on the
join.osmfoundation.org Website together with an application form:

*Fee Waiver Program*

People may apply through the fee waiver program for an associate
membership, if paying the fee would constitute an unreasonable burden to
the member because of lack of a suitable money transfer facility.

Associate members who have joined under the membership fee waiver
programme have the same rights as any associate member and the fact that
they have joined under the membership fee waiver programme will not be

*Lack of suitable money transfer*

The main money transfer facilities are paypal and bank transfer to the
UK bank account. To verify if no suitable money transfer facility is
available the membership working groups relies on publicly available
information from paypal and about political embargos.
Contribute something else of value

We require that the applicant is an active mapper: The applicant has
edited the Project in any three calendar months from the last 12 months
(i.e. there is a demonstrated interest over time).


[Applications can be submitted here]

Basis for the fee waiver program is the board resolution from
2014-10-14[1] and the subsequent vote at the annual general meeting[2].

We would like to get feedback from the OSMF members.
Membership Working Group

[1] http://wiki.osmfoundation.org/wiki/Board_Meeting_Minutes_2014-10-14
[2] http://wiki.osmfoundation.org/wiki/Annual_General_Meetings/14

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