[Osmf-talk] DWG survey on organized editing

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Sat Sep 30 10:13:47 UTC 2017


On 09/30/2017 12:32 AM, Stefan Keller wrote:
> I just completed the survey and found that these questions are
> slightly biased against paid and organized editing. And what I missed
> most was a final remark in free text.

The survey is not the end-all that somehow leads to a policy
automatically; we'll have to evaluate it and let the results inform our
further steps.

One intended result of the survey was to further discussion on the
subject. Discussion isn't helped much if people type stuff into a free
text field at the end; if they want to send us a private message there
are other channels. Ideally, we'd hope to see a public discussion here
or in other suitable forums.

Was there a particular question that made you feel there's a "bias
against" organised editing?

> IMHO there's nothing really fundamentally wrong with paid or organized
> editing, unless it's share grows substantially, since it's AFAIK not
> "damaging" more than first time mappers.

In case this hasn't become clear, nobody intends to stop or reduce paid
or other organised editing; we simply want to put up a few rules that
such editing has to conform to.

> I'm sometimes organizing mapping parties and instructing interns to do
> targeted mapping. For these activities, they usually disclaim that
> they're doing aka mandated work just by using comments or
> hashtags. That's something which could be a simple requirement also for
> paid mapping.


> P.S. To me, there's for example much more evidence that SEO or plain
> self-advertisement gets problematic in near future - which is showing
> up typically just as wrong edits. I expect that a policy for paid and
> organized editing won't prevent that.

Well most SEO stuff is paid mapping. A policy would not automatically
stop that, but if, for example, the policy were to explicitly request
that paid mapping is recognizable as such then it becomes obvious more
quickly whether someone wants to work with us or against us.


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