[Osmf-talk] OSMF Board election 2018 - candidate answers and manifestos ready

Christoph Hormann chris_hormann at gmx.de
Thu Dec 6 19:05:12 UTC 2018

On Thursday 06 December 2018, joost schouppe wrote:
> Some minor comments about Christoph's analysis with regards to my
> positions.

I am glad you comment on my analysis and hope other candidates might do 
so as well.  You as well as several of the other candidates have 
emphasized communication being a central matter and the pre-election 
discussion of candidates and their platforms is a good opportunity to 
demonstrate that.  

> I'm grouped in the people who focus on women when it comes to
> diversity. That's a bit strange, since I also talk about language and
> geographic diversity a lot.

I probably need to point out that i analyzed the answers question by 
question from first to last question and did not in that analysis make 
any connection between the questions.  You are completely right that in 
your manifesto you emphasize the problem of language and communication 
styles and the barriers this creates.  Making such connections was 
intentionally not part of my analysis.  It was enough work to put 
together the analysis as is - producing an overall commentary of each 
candidate's platform was beyond scope here.

> About complementing board/candidates : Christoph thinks it's strange
> some people talk about board members and others don't. I misread the
> question and thought it was only about candidates, not board members.
> Maybe some people made the same mistake and others didn't.

Note i did not write it is strange, i wrote it is interesting.  I don't 
think it is strange at all - it is perfectly natural that candidates 
have different focus points both in reading and in answering the 

This is part of the charm of the new questioning format - that we do not 
get pre-homogenized reactions to the questions but authentic and 
independent answers of the candidates.

> Paid positions: I don't think my idea of "project management"
> necessarily clashes with Tobias's of "no managerial positions". I
> don't see project management as "a leadership position". Usually,
> their role is to guide processes along and make sure that what
> happens is in line with what the people involved want. Big part of
> their job description probably overlaps with what Dorothea does now.

Well - that is ultimately a question that would be for Tobias to answer.

But note the formulation from Tobias i referred to here is:

"I will oppose any attempt to install paid management or leadership 

If your understanding of "project management" is outside the domain of 
management as a whole you probably would need to explain in more detail 
how you define this.

More generally speaking the answers and manifestos are meant to show the 
ideas and priorities of the candidates.  If my analysis differs from 
the positions you meant to communicate it does not really matter if 
that is due to deficits in my analysis or in the answers.  The 
important thing is to clarify the situation so the members have a 
better idea what the candidates stand for.

It would be highly unfortunate if the ability of members to make a 
qualified decision in the elections was hampered by insufficient 
understanding of the positions of the candidates.

Christoph Hormann

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