[Osmf-talk] OSMF Board election 2018 - candidate answers and manifestos ready

Christoph Hormann chris_hormann at gmx.de
Fri Dec 7 10:22:01 UTC 2018

On Thursday 06 December 2018, Tobias Knerr wrote:
> None of the tasks that Joost explicitly mentions in his answer –
> helping others get stuff done, reporting, planning, and organizing –
> are something I would inherently object to.
> Indeed, these might just as easily be the tasks of someone whose job
> title reads "assistant" rather than "manager". So we need to look a
> bit more closely: Is this a person who volunteers can delegate tasks
> to, and who follows the community's lead? Or would this person
> generally make decisions based on what they, themselves, consider the
> best course of action, give instructions, and shape the direction of
> the project?

My opinion on this matter based on several years of experience with 
project management in a larger organization is that delegating 
seemingly mechanical tasks like 'reporting', 'planning', 
or 'organizing' from project management without also delegating 
authority and resposibility is often both diametral to project success 
and to any sense of resposibility and accountability.

With that in mind the idea from which Joost brings up to have some sort 
of paid project management in the context of micro grants separated 
from the supported projects themselves is pretty appalling to me.  But i 
know of course that this is part of how larger bureaucracies work.  The 
question is if you want the OSMF to be a bureaucracy or not.  Once you 
start going down that road you will likely soon come to a point where - 
so to speak - you might for every new person you hire need to hire a 
second one to compensate for the drain of volunteers who no longer want 
to work for the OSMF for free when there are others who get paid for 
similar tasks.  And there is a lot of reporting, planning and organizing 
done by volunteers in the OSMF right now.

Christoph Hormann

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