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Rihards richlv at nakts.net
Tue Dec 11 17:47:16 UTC 2018

On 11.12.18 19:24, Manfred A. Reiter wrote:
> Rihards,
> Am Di., 11. Dez. 2018 um 15:21 Uhr schrieb Rihards <richlv at nakts.net
> <mailto:richlv at nakts.net>>:
>     On 11.12.18 15:10, Christoph Hormann wrote:
>     > On Tuesday 11 December 2018, Vladimir Agafonkin wrote:
>     >> Pretending
>     >> OSM is out of politics when solving an inherently political issuI
>     >> does not help, because then you take a political side implicitly
> [...]
>     Christoph, you have been on the receiving end, people suggesting you
>     should be disqualified from discussion because of your aggressive
>     comments. I disagreed with those people, and I disagree with your attack
>     about being "disqualified" in this case.
> --- English automatic translation - see below ---
> Mein Englisch ist nicht gut genug, um mich mit Muttersprachlern
> auseinander zu setzen, deshalb füge ich eine automatische Übersetzung
> bei. Für Streitfälle zu meinem Beitrag gilt die deutsche Version.
> Soweit ich OSM - im Gegensatz zu in OSM tätigen Organisationen -
> verstanden habe ist OSM eine inklusvie Community, nicht exklusiv.
> Da es sich um ein weltweit tätige Community handelt, haben wir die
> Besonderheiten in der Argumentation und der Klarheit von Aussagen zu
> akzeptieren, auch wenn diese in anderen Kulturkreisen unüblich sind.
> Alleine die Tatsache, dass jemand die Klarheit, die in Diskussionen in
> seinem Kulturkreis üblich ist, auch in englischer Sprache formuliert,
> darf nicht dazu genutzt werden, diese Person oder eine Personengruppe zu
> reglementieren.
> Die englische Sprache, die hier verwendet wird, darf nicht dazu
> verleiten, kulturelle Unterschiede zu nivellieren. Genau so, wie jemand
> lernen muss die verschlüsselte Kritik und unangebrachte Lobhudeleien die
> in manchen Kulturkreisen üblich ist, zu akzeptieren und zu verstehen
> sollten Menschen aus solchen Kulturkreis akzeptieren, dass nicht jede
> klar und deutlich formulierte Aussage aus einem anderen Kulturkreis eine
> unangebrachte Attacke ist.
> In diesem Sinne hoffe ich, dass OSM eine inklusive Veranstaltung bleibt,
> mit dem gegenseitigen Respekt vor unterschiedlichen Kommunikationstilen,
> die nicht durch die Verwendung einer gemeinsamen Sprache vorbestimmt wird.
> --- Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator
> <http://www.DeepL.com/Translator> ---
> My English is not good enough to deal with native speakers, so I include
> an automatic translation. For disputes about my contribution, the German
> version applies.
> As far as I have understood OSM - in contrast to organizations working
> in OSM - OSM is an inclusive community, not exclusive.
> Since it is a worldwide community, we have to accept the particularities
> of argumentation and clarity of statements, even if they are unusual in
> other cultures. The mere fact that someone formulates the clarity that
> is customary in discussions in their culture in English should not be
> used to regulate this person or a group of people.
> The English language used here must not be used to level cultural
> differences. Just as one has to learn to accept and understand the coded
> criticism and inappropriate praise that is common in some cultures, so
> should people from cultures where not every clearly formulated statement
> from another culture is an inappropriate attack.
> In this sense, I hope that OSM will remain an inclusive event, with
> mutual respect for different styles of communication, not predetermined
> by the use of a common language.

Excuse me for replying to - and in - English, despite learning German
for 5 years I have lost most of it due to lack of practice.

I absolutely agree with your statement above, even though I don't fully
follow how it fits in this thread.

Looking at the quoted portion, it might be about the recent (and some
older) rather heated disputes on the way Christoph puts things.

I would characterise their statements as abrasive and blunt at times,
but I don't agree with any calls to limit the expression.
That is an offtopic on this thread, though - let me conclude my
contribution to it by reasserting that the same way I support the right
to voice ones opinion in a direct way, I support the right to voice
opinion that political realities can affect how we map the world.

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> ## Manfred Reiter - -

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