[Osmf-talk] 2018 a third episode of entryism by HOT US Inc at OSMF Board after 2015 and 2017: call 4 action (candidates/members) for a balanced OSMF Board

Miriam Mapanauta mapanauta at gmail.com
Wed Dec 12 16:24:49 UTC 2018

Hi Nicolas and members,

Just wanted to share I participate in HOT as voting member and also I have
been volunteer to coordinate diverse mapping activities with them specially
focused in disasters such as the 2017 Mexico earthquakes in the one they
were very supportive. Generally I participate in the projects I am
interested and will lead to positive achievements so I am also supporting
other initiatives like Geochicas, OpenStreetMap México and Latin America,
hopefully in the future I can be supporting other initiatives such as Les
Libres Géographes :)

Best regards,


On Wed, Dec 12, 2018 at 12:55 AM nicolas chavent <nicolas.chavent at gmail.com>

> Hey all,
> We're witnessing in this 2018 election a third and continued attempt
> of entryism by the US NGO HOT US Inc at the OSMF Board through
> Geoffrey Kateregga and Miriam Gonzalez candidatures after the election
> of Heather Leson (2017) and Mikel Maron (2015) who joined Kate Chapman
> (2013).
> Election after election, one single organization is being granted a
> continued and growing influence at the Board of the Foundation at the
> detriment of the diversity of the rich OSM ecosystem of actors and the
> resilience/long-term sustainability of the OMSF.
> Tobias Knerr proposed in his manifesto to "Limit board members from
> the same org to 1 seat", since this manifesto item has not yet been
> picked up in the Questions/Answers section of the Board Elections wiki
> nor in the discussions, it would be great to hear about it from the
> other candidates and members.
> HOT US Inc presence at the OSMF Board (3 positions out of 7 Officers)
> being already heavily unbalanced, here's a call to OSMF members caring
> for the representation of organizational diversity in this body of the
> OSMF to vote accordingly and support after the election a continued
> discussion about Tobias manifesto item with the view of its future
> enforcement.
> The recent discussions about Crimea or India mass enrollment at OSMF
> (to name a few) made us all aware of the importance of a fully-trusted
> OSMF Board, ensured organizational diversity is surely an asset to
> this end.
> The above is a principled position in favor of diversity at the OSMF
> Board and not an anti position against HOT US Inc as an organization
> or against Miriam and Geoffrey as persons.
> Best,
> Nicolas
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