[Osmf-talk] 2018 a third episode of entryism by HOT US Inc at OSMF Board after 2015 and 2017: call 4 action (candidates/members) for a balanced OSMF Board

Simon Poole simon at poole.ch
Wed Dec 12 12:09:27 UTC 2018

Am 12.12.2018 um 12:23 schrieb Christoph Hormann:
> Regarding the idea of Tobias for a one board member per organization 
> quota - this certainly would not hurt but i have my doubts about how 
> much effect this would have because as indicated above people just 
> resigning their HOT membership would not really change anything in 
> substance. 

I don't think that would help much as that assumes that organisations
will not collaborate on sector specific goals. In any case, just that we
don't go through the whole HOT story again, see my take here (and the
whole thread for some more background):


Historically I believe the obligation for HOT members to

/"//Act in accordance with this HOT Code, the Code of Conduct, the HOT
Guide, and other policy and guiding documents."/

had been the cause for concern that HOT members outside of HOT officers
and directors would be bound to follow directions by the HOT leadership.

But IIRC this is no longer a requirement for being a HOT member.


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