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Am 15/12/2018 um 23.39 schrieb Peter Barth:
> Speaking of fair campaign I was wondering what everyone thinks about the 
> new election mode trial we had this year, if you liked it or not, or if 
> you think there is room for improvement, ...
> I personally liked two things most: First, the increased amount of time 
> for reading and evaluating the manifestors and answers which helped to 
> form a better opinion about the candidates and if they are inline with my 
> views. The second aspect is the simulaneous publication of answers as you 
> know that it's the candidates' views you read and not something they copy 
> from other candidates. This gave a more genuine feedback of views.

I fully agree. To be honest, I would prefer two weeks between the
publication of the answers and the beginning of the voting period.

Multiple candidates wrote that we should be more welcoming to
non-English communities. This requires summaries of the manifestos and
answers in the local languages. One week is very short for volunteers to
summarise manifestos and answers by seven candidates.

I think that the manifestos and answers of few candidates could have
been a little bit shorter. The manifestos had following lengths:
Tobias Knerr: 10269 characters
Jo Walsh: 16 characters
Geoffrey Kattaregga: 2009 characters
Joost Schouppe: 6664 characters
Guillaume Rischard: 2772 characters
Miriam Gonzalez 3520 characters
Nuno Caldeira: 1582 characters

I think that 10,000 characters are too long. I would not set a minimum
length but a maximum length of 7,000 characters seems sensible to me.
The questionaire asks a lot of questions about the current hot topics in
OSMF politics. Therefore, a manifesto can cover topics not covered by
any question.

Best regards


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