[Osmf-talk] Humanitarian work (was: 2018 a third episode...)

Simon Poole simon at poole.ch
Sun Dec 16 17:13:47 UTC 2018

Am 15.12.2018 um 11:56 schrieb Frederik Ramm:
> Hi,
> changed the subject again into something less combative.
> On 12/14/18 11:08 PM, Simon Poole wrote:
>> OpenStreetMap is a proper noun not a verb (if that wasn't clear).
> Frankly that is more puzzling that what was said before but I think I
> get the direction.

Well the direction was trying to cloak at least questionable use of the
OpenStreetMap trademark by trying to waffle around the way it is really
being used in "HOT".

> ....
> Until now the existence of HOT has basically been a reason for OSMF to
> keep out of anything humanitarian. We act as if HOT was "our department"
> for humanitarian work, while at the same time having zero influence on
> HOT.[*]
> ....

If one tries to piece together the history of HOT, at least from an OSMF
point of view*, it is very clear that HOT was sold to the board by Mikel
at the time as ""our department" for humanitarian work". But that is
about the only thing that can be derived with reasonable confidence from
the extremely sketchy minutes, definitely nothing was put in place to
ensure control in any form by the OSMF, in particular there is no note
of any agreement on use of the name, how the organisation should present
itself relatively to the OSMF, how funding would be distributed and so on.


* I've done that mode than once, and always end up wondering what the
board was smoking at the time.

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