[Osmf-talk] Remarks and question regarding board meeting minutes and circulars

Christoph Hormann chris_hormann at gmx.de
Tue Dec 18 11:29:52 UTC 2018

On Tuesday 18 December 2018, Rihards wrote:
> Christoph, if I may suggest a slight change in the approach - imagine
> somebody with a completely different background and genuinely not
> seeing your point (think a completely different culture). You'd
> probably explain the point politely, focusing more on arguments, less
> on emotions.

I get that and i try to present my arguments in a way that is 
understandable.  But Mikel's style of communication with complete 
refusal or inability to even acknowledge the possibility that there are 
valid views that contradict his own make it rather difficult.  I can 
have a reasonable argument with almost anyone who is willing to reason 
no matter how different their views are from mine but without the 
willingness to argue and reason on eye level this is difficult even if 
you are not so far from each other culturally.

> Dear board, if you have the capacity, consider recording not only
> things you do, but also things you don't do, and why.

Very good idea.

Any considerations, discussions and decisions on CoI matters should be 
publicly minuted.

Christoph Hormann

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