[Osmf-talk] Remarks and question regarding board meeting minutes and circulars

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Wed Dec 19 00:34:28 UTC 2018


On 12/17/18 15:42, Christoph Hormann wrote:
> My second and somewhat related point is the documentation of the work of 
> the advisory board.


> My question here is if the board is going to change that in a way that 
> ensures timely transparency of the advisory board input before it goes 
> into decisions of the board. 

Can you suggest a practical way of doing that? I'm sure the board would
be open to suggestions.

As a general note on "the advisory board". The advisory board does not
have a structure or even a decision-making process, as far as I am
aware. People sometimes say "this has been discussed on the advisory
board" but this means nothing more or less than "this has been discussed
on osmf-talk". The advisory board does not have a persona, it cannot
decide or produce anything. Anyone saying things like "the advisory
board wants this" or "the advisory board has asked for that" - and I've
heard people use these terms - is most likely just paraphrasing what one
or two individuals on the advisory board have said (and in the worst
cases, is choosing these words on purpose to imbue the statement with
more importance than it actually has). It's like says "osmf-talk has
decided they want something".

This is just to put things into perspective. *You* know that yourself
since you are on the advisory board, but someone who is not on the
advisory board might get the idea that dozens of emails were exchanged
monthly and the advisory board was actively working on things. In
reality, the advisory board is a mailing list that makes it easier to
run an idea by corporate members and local chapters for feedback, and it
happens... what would you say, maybe three or four times a year on average?


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