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Like most of the persons of this email thread, I think that the idea
of an OSMF working group for the humanitarian sector is interesting.
We will soon reach 30 emails on the topic and this might tell us, that
it's time to informally get started on this not only through emails.

It looks like we are set on

- The overall objectives are set.  It would make sense to add
development aid to humanitarian action as sectors of work since OSM
work is cross-cutting to those two sectors which form a continuum. We
shall also think about having or not a perspective while operating in
these two sectors: like primarily supporting local FOSS, OpenData, OSM
communities and truly-committed formal actors...

Participants. We have ideas about individuals/groups for such a WG and
also questions about limiting (or not) organization presence; in that
matter, I think that HOT US Inc shall be treated like any
organization, that we shall think about current practices at work in
other WGs or think in terms of what changes in practices could happen
in other WG in result of an enforcement of organizational limitation
in a WG.

Working group status. Investigate, deliberate on the status this WG:
had it been created in Aug 2010 as the US NGO HOT US Inc or is it yet
to be created.

Work items list
- holding a "who's who?" or a "Who, what, where? (3W) documentation
exercise [Rob];
- thinking about project management with two first items listed:
dealing with part of the micro-grant program the OSMF was looking at
running in 2019 [Dale], looking at maintaining tech resources like an
OSMF Tasking manager not necessarily limited to Hum/Dev only mapping
[Augustin] [1]

Modus operandi.
It looks that project management/paid work is part of the tools set of this WG.

It would be worth discussing this in the light of OSMF past practices,
the difficulties to maintain voluntarism for organizations relying on
paid workers and volunteers, possible consequences for the place for
hobbyist/craft mappers shall more and more activities were to be done
through project management and paid work in this WG (with a triggering
effect on other sectors of the OSMF.  This to be aware of the
potential organizational shift that can go with the modus operandi of
that WG and its tools set.
To exaggerate things, let's contemplate Simon's utopia : HOT US Inc is
now of the current OSMF. This would mean radical changes for HOT US
Inc as an organization, more open membership, loss of autonomy in
decision making from day to day to Ops management, transparency to
name a few. This in return would change a lot the OSMF minimally in
terms of finance with a budget increase of plus 2 millions USD, an
unbalanced ratio between this WG and others WGs. Keeping a WG of this
size functional and sustainable would entail necessarily a layer of
bureaucracy (admin, finance, project management etc) through continued
paid work. To ensure this, the OSMF would be dependent on the network
of partners/donors (humanitarian/development business so to say) of
that WG, as well as on business relations more generally. This would
question what level of the current autonomy of the OSMF can be kept,
what level of the still central role of hobbyist/craft mappers would
be equally kept.
One can think of such a humanitarian WG as one additional venue for
business influence (funds, mindset etc) on the Foundation yielding
possible organizational/cultural shift that need to be thoroughly
looked at and discussed.

All of the talk items of the previous email conversation are rich and
discussing/working this further is and will be truly interesting.


[1]: https://lists.openstreetmap.org/pipermail/osmf-talk/2018-December/005789.html

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> >You can believe it, HOT US Inc. is a US 501(c)(3) charitable
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> I didn't say anything else (charities have their own incorporation form and very specific oversight in the UK).
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