[Osmf-talk] Humanitarian work (was: 2018 a third episode...)

Simon Poole simon at poole.ch
Wed Dec 19 00:47:10 UTC 2018

Am 19.12.2018 um 01:33 schrieb nicolas chavent:
> ...
> To exaggerate things, let's contemplate Simon's utopia : HOT US Inc is
> now of the current OSMF. 

Just for fun: there was an action item on the 2010-2011 board minutes
dependent on "HOT integration" for many months. But as already said, the
minutes from the time are very sketchy and it is for the major part very
unclear who decided what and what the intended relationship with HOT was.

However since we have your attention :-), could you give a quick outline
of what you thought the OSMF boards position on HOT was at the time?

> This would mean radical changes for HOT US
> Inc as an organization, more open membership, loss of autonomy in
> decision making from day to day to Ops management, transparency to
> name a few. 

I don't think that there would be no changes in such a scenario, but I
wouldn't see things so negative (in particular for example having the
OSMF nominating board members could still happen in a democratic
fashion). In particular I think discussing this is useful, because there
are some fairly clear reasons why maintaining a separate organisation,
and not a classical working group could make sense, so maybe HOT v2
would organisationally not be that different from v1.


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